The Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability: How Has It Changed?

Douglas D. Evanoff / Cornelia Holthausen / George G Kaufman / Manfred Kremer [Ed.]

EVANOFF, Douglas D / HOLTHAUSEN, Cornelia / KAUFMAN, George G / KREMER, Manfred [Ed.]


World Scientific Publishing Co.

[Special Address] The (Changing)Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability Policies(Peter Praet) / The Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability: How Has It Changed? (Willem H. Buiter) / Pursuing Financial Stability at the Federal Reserve(Janet L. Yellen) / [The Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability: Historical Review and Critique]Financial Stablility: Lessons Learned from the Recent Crisis and Implications for the Federal Reserve (Nellie Liang) / Role of Central Banks in Financial Stability: Lessons from the Experience of the Bank of Japan (Takeo Hoshi) / Overcoming the Fear of Free Falling: Monetary Policy Graduation in Emerging Markets(Carlos A. Vegh and Guillermo Vuletin) / Can We Identify the Financial Cycle?(Mathias Drehmann, Claudio Borio, and Kostas Tsatsaronis) / [Central Banks and Asset Price Bubbles]Low Interest Rates and Housing Bubbles: Still No Smoking Gun(Kenneth N. Kuttner) / Classic FIT and Lean FIT: Is Inflation-Targeting Guilty of Causing the Financial Instability of 2007-2009?(Takatoshi Ito) / [Current, Past, and Potential Future Threats to Financial Stability]Bank Capital Regulations: Learning the Right Lessons from the Crisis(Asli Demirgüç-Kunt) / International Monetary Reform:Exchanges Rates or Interest Rates? (Ronald McKinnon) / Threats to Financial Stability in Emerging Markets: The New and Very Active Role of Central Banks (Liliana Rojas-Suarez) / [The Social Productivity of the Financial Sector]In Defense of Wall Street: The Social Productivity of the Financial System(Ross Levine) / Output Growth Variability: The Role of Financial Markets(Alexander Popov) / Occupying the Wrong Street? The Social Productivity of the Financial Sector: Some Comments (Gerard Caprio, Jr) / [Open Issues in the Regulatory Debate: Failure Resolutions, Bailouts, Moral Hazard, and Market Discipline] Bankers and Brokers First: Loose Ends in the Theory of Central Bank Policymaking (Edward J. Kane) / The Elusive Scale Economies of the Largest Banks and Their Implications for Global Competitiveness (Joseph P. Hughes) / The Ex Ante versus Ex Post Effect of Public Guarantees (Evren Damar, Reint Gropp, and Adi Mordel) / Real and Imaginary Resolution Options for Large Financial Institutions (David A. Skeel, Jr.) / [Policy Panel: Where to from Here]Is Our Economy's Financial Sector Worth What It Costs Us? (Benjamin M. Friedman) / The Eurozone Crisis: Causes, Remedy, and Misperceptions(Richard C. Koo) / Macroprudential and Monetary Policies (Frederic S.Mishkin) / The Eurozone Crisis(Richard Portes) / The Way Forward--Central Banks with Financial Stability Mandates: The Case of the Eurosystem (Anne Sibert)


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5 European & American Economic History 5-8. Banking, Currency, Finance & Insurance

  • 第一部 [総覧] 1-9. 経済史・経営史一般
  • 第三部 [日本経済史] 3-17. 金融・銀行・財界
  • 1 General History 1-9. Economic & Business History in General
  • 3 Japanese Economic History 3-17. Banking, Finance & ZAIKAI
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  • 金融・保険
  • Finance and Insurance