Asian imperial banking history

Hubert Bonin, Nuno Valério and Kazuhiko Yago

BONIN, Hubert / VALERIO, Nuno / YAGO, Kazuhiko


Pickering & Chatto

[The Specificities of Imperial Banking]Introduction: Issues Regarding Asian Imperial Banking(Hubert Bonin) / French Overseas Banking as an Imperial System: A Background for Asian Developments(Hubert Bonin) / [Imperial Banking in China]Correspondent Banking Networks and Branch Activities in 'Imperial Banking': The Russo-Chinese Bank in Shanghai in 1902(Kazuhiko Yago) / Competing Imperial Banking: The Yokohama Specie Bank and HSBC in China - 1919 as a Watershed? (Niv Horesh) / Native Banking vs Imperial Banking in Early Twentieth-Century China: The Formation of the Joint Reserve Board in Shanghai to Foster Credit and Credibility(Tomoko Shiroyama) / British Banks and the Chinese Indigenous Economy: The Business of the Shanghai Branch of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China (1913-37) (Man-han Siu) / [Imperial Banking and Imperialism]Russian and Soviet Imperial Banking in Asia in the 1890s - 1920s (Sofya Salomatina), Challenging Imperial Banking in India: From the Legacy of Empire to Nationalistic Rules(Ashok Kapoor) / Conclusion(Hubert Bonin).


英語 / English


4 Oriental & African Economic History 4-8. Banking, Currency, Finance & Insurance

  • 第三部 [日本経済史] 3-17. 金融・銀行・財界
  • 第五部 [西洋経済史] 5-8. 貨幣・金融・保険
  • 3 Japanese Economic History 3-17. Banking, Finance & ZAIKAI
  • 5 European & American Economic History 5-8. Banking, Currency, Finance & Insurance
  • 日本
  • アジア・アフリカ
  • Japan
  • Asia and Africa
  • 金融・保険
  • Finance and Insurance